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The finish is rather long, not too drying, curiously, with some notes of peach skin. Nose: funnily very similar aromatically at first nosing, but soon to become very ‘exotic’ and fragrant, with some dried longans, rambutans, arak again, overripe strawberries, fruits au gratin, Something quite hot, like the foreshots of a fruit eau de vie, or a basket of rotting fruits. Quite some mint again but far less than in its older brother.An old malt that has sort of lost its ‘whiskiness’ but that’s very interesting to try. Lots of dried tropical fruits (pineapples, coconuts), bergamot (earl grey), hints of rum, clove and pepper…A smile can change your mood, lower your heart rate and even increase your sex drive. Your facial expressions determine to a great extent the reactions of others.Psychologist explains, “your smile is actually contagious…Instead, they found that the facial expressions went directly to [a smile].”The perception others have of your smile is directly related to your teeth.A person whose smile is affected by bad teeth may have a less positive effect, maybe even a negative effect, on other’s emotions.

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Very nice indeed, except that it then gets more and more drying, with some bold cinnamon. It then gets rather waxy and smoky, with also some bold notes of earl grey tea coming through (bergamot). Fantastic, as enjoyable as the Samaroli but a little more complex. Mouth: more powerful than the Samaroli but almost as drying, despite its younger age. Hints of cooked cabbage, wet hay, seaweed, hot butter… Mouth: sweet and spicy attack, with quite some body but also kind of a sugary laziness.

The way teeth sit inside your mouth can have all kinds of effects on the emotions you’re perceived to be expressing, even when your mouth is at rest.

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